Photography Jean Labourdette

Also known as Lela

She is routinely sought out by major brands to create high impact video content, from advertising to music videos to video game trailers. Her concepts are fresh, captivating and humorous, drawing inspiration from her 80s pop-culture-infused youth.

Most recently she was offered the position of Associate World Director, where she is co-developing the narrative universe of a new IP At Ubisoft, including all of the transmedia, (teasers and trailers, comic books and TV series).

In 2017, she was scouted by Ubisoft Entertainment and brought on board as 3D CG film director, where she creates and directs CG trailers for AAA games like Far Cry, For Honor and Rainbow SIx.

Some of her recent clients include: Eidos, compulsion Games,, and UbiSoft Entertainment for whom she created the concept and co-directed the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon reveal trailer.  The trailer has garnered several million views on youtube and received a write up in, as 'marketing genius'.

Along with being a talented director, she is a super mom to an awesome eight year old son, and an aspiring screenwriter. She is currently training with Corey Mandel.